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O-RAN ALLIANCE Broadens Its Industry Collaboration with ETSI, Announces its 3rd Whitepaper, and 4th Release of Open Software

By August 31, 2021January 26th, 2022News

• 3rd O-RAN whitepaper focuses on O-RAN Minimum Viable Plan and commercialization
• O-RAN ALLIANCE sets cooperation with ETSI and TSDSI
• New Open Test and Integration Centers approved in Europe and Taiwan
• New Standards Collaboration Copyright License to simplify the open source development
• “D” release of open software for the RAN developed by the O-RAN Software Community

“The “D” release delivers major enhancements including support for closed-loop processing use cases,
continued evolution of Non-Real-Time RAN Intelligent Control (Non-RT RIC) platform, new and
enhanced xApps for the Near-Real-Time Radio Intelligent Controller (Near-RT RIC), as well as new
performance monitoring and alarm support.”

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