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The O-RAN Software Community (SC) is a collaboration between the O-RAN Alliance and Linux Foundation with the mission to support the creation of software for the Radio Access Network (RAN). The RAN is the next challenge for the open source community. The O-RAN SC plans to leverage other LF network projects, while addressing the challenges in performance, scale, and 3GPP alignment.

The telecom industry is experiencing a profound transformation and 5G is expected to radically change how we live, work, and play. This means it’s critical to make network infrastructure commercially available as quickly as possible to ensure business success for operators. It’s time to turn to open source, as it is one of the most efficient ways to accelerate product development in a collaborative and cost-efficient way.

The O-RAN Software Community is focused on aligning with the O-RAN Alliance’s open architecture and specifications to achieve a solution that can be utilized for industry deployment. As a new open source community under the Linux Foundation, the O-RAN SC is sponsored by the O-RAN Alliance, and will enable the development of open source software enabling modular, open, intelligent, efficient, and agile disaggregated radio access networks.

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O-RAN ALLIANCE Broadens Its Industry Collaboration with ETSI, Announces its 3rd Whitepaper, and 4th Release of Open Software

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• 3rd O-RAN whitepaper focuses on O-RAN Minimum Viable Plan and commercialization• O-RAN ALLIANCE sets cooperation with ETSI and TSDSI• New Open Test and Integration Centers approved in Europe and…

Samsung Research: O-RAN SC: ‘Dawn’ of RAN Intelligence

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Samsung Research highlights their contributions to the O-RAN-SC "Dawn" Release. Read more on Samsung Research blog
O-RAN Logical Architecture

The “Cherry” Release of O-RAN Open Software Moves the O-RAN Ecosystem Closer to Deployment in Mobile Networks Around the Globe

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• Cherry features significant advancements in the end-to-end integration of O-RAN Architecture components• The software now contains new functions aligned with the latest O-RAN specifications, such as the E2, A1…

O-RAN ALLIANCE Delivers New Specifications, “Bronze” Open Source Software and New Virtual Exhibits of O-RAN Solutions

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O-RAN has recently published 23 new or updated specifications and the O-RAN Use Cases and Deployment Scenarios white paper The 2nd release of O-RAN software “Bronze” adds support for new…